Electronic Publishing

During the last dozen years we have placed over 250 of our clients on line. The feedback we have received is that this is an extremely efficient way to provide access to the Code, not only for their employees and Police Department, but also for citizens and others who need to find information in the Codified Ordinances. Anyone with access to a computer can now search the Code (24/7) for the information they need without taking up the time of any Municipal employee.

If you would like to view some of the over 250 Codes we currently have on the Internet click on the Online Codes Tab. You can access any of the Codes by clicking on the name of the Municipality and following the on-screen directions.

We will host the Code on our web-site as well as link into your Municipal web site. Each year when we prepare replacement pages to the Codified Ordinances we will place the revised Code on the Internet and the link from your Municipal website will automatically be tied into the updated Code. Please contact us for more information and an estimate to place your Code on the Internet.